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Well now, that was a nifty lil adventure!

I just wish this would have been longer! I think you should make this into a series.

ShitlordCentral responds:

You say that about everything Mr Fork. Sheesh, if you were my boss I'd be working slave labour.

Hey, I just wanted to tell you

That I love you for making this.

Just one question.

How the fuck did you keep from laughing while you were doing that. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot 555555555555555

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Best game of all time.

Its that simple. I hope you decide to make another one of these. Otherwise you will be seriously letting down your hardcore fans.


Im not saying anything bad about you, so please dont take this the wrong way, but sound boards are boring and pointless. In fact, I normally wouldnt even write a review for one. I mean, obviously it worked, but all it is in an essence is just clicking on a button to get a sound. Its not really hard to make these. But anyways, I did not vote on this, I only reviewed it. Please invest your time into cartoons, or active games. Im sure you would do fine at either. -ForkClock

Frenzy responds:

Thanks for the review, and, since you're biased against soundboards (no offense), thanks for not voting!

I really appreciate that. Seriously!

Thanks for the review!


I love these

I play these at the bar all the time. One lil suggestion I have is to not turn the pictures sideways. Its really annoying. Awesome submisstion though. Thanks for voting, ForkClock!
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not bad..........

but ive been playin guitar, bass, drums for 3 years, and have a pretty extensive knowledge of sound synthesizer use, and i can hear where you edited. it almost seems to cut in/out at places. practice and i bet u come up with some really good shit.

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